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Wacky Warm-up #1: Basic Young Band Long Tone with Eight on a Hand - Basic Snare Sticking Control Development & Fun Bass Drum & Cymbals

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Choral & Band Teachers - Directors: We have Vocal and Band Warm-Ups which can help you-your students get off to a great start to the New School Year, Please check out our web-site and write us for more information as to how we can custom-write warm-ups for your classes / ensembles:
The vocal warm-ups are not yet posted, please email us for a sample:

This Warm-up Starts on Concert D for Winds, works for expanding phrasing from 2 bar to just over 4, Builds Unity of Pulse with Classes/Ensembles and will be progressive  as more of these are written and published during this coming Semester.  Your Percussionists will benefit by taking turns building stick/mallet technique and having a fun with the simple but FUN Bass Drum and Cymbal Parts. Have a Percussion part-person rotation figured out before you read this one:)  We may add a rim-shot or two before we are done and did I mention Dynamics?  from pp-FF, they are here, and when they start, kids will want to follow them!

Best of All, you can purchase this Wacky Warm-up, and another Full Band Warm-up for $10.00.

New Band Warm-Up Beginning in Center of Young Band Range and working up Chromatically, while also developing Snare Roll Technique.

Here is a Long Tone Warm-up which will assist development of 9 Stroke and metered snare rolls. Students will need a basic understanding of enharmonic equivalents and concept of chromatic ascending in sharps, descending in flats as they begin to work on this exercise.This Warm-up range builder should really help students get back into shape [...]

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Music Ed Consultants, Inc-Fairview, NC = Writing-Arranging-Editing Music for Young Bands

Arranging Music for Young Bands: At Music Education Consultants Inc. Press, Fairview, NC We arrange & edit so that our beginner arrangements can also be used for 1st, 2nd & 3rd semester students. Additionally, we provide cues and score options...our Beginner Pieces can be great for 1st semester beginners, while also providing [...]

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