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Music Ed Consultants, Inc-Fairview, NC = Writing-Arranging-Editing Music for Young Bands

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Arranging Music for Young Bands: At Music Education Consultants Inc. Press, Fairview, NC We arrange & edit so that our beginner arrangements can also be used for 1st, 2nd & 3rd semester students. Additionally, we provide cues and score options...our Beginner Pieces can be great for 1st semester beginners, while also providing more possibilities for directors with a larger variety of students. Example: When Beginner Players move out of the method book and into their first winter concert music, fundamentals taught in September & October often immediately go out the window. Therefore, another way we help Directors, especially those who have students for short periods and/or only once or twice a week, is by reinforcing good concepts, helping their students stay away from easy-to-fall-into-bad-habits. Carefully writing for beginner technical levels, like Clarinet parts, not crossing the break, while providing Saxes alternatives for Low D's which can be problematic early on. Brass Players stay at or below upper Bb Concert, with lots of four or five note descending scale passages provided, which helps reinforce good technique and build range. Multiple Percussion Parts are provided for basic rhythmic needs, as well as rudiment and roll development for snare and scales for mallets, with a variety of accessory percussion to keep every Percussionist busy and motivated. Please stop by for a look/listen at our web-store and write us for a peek at what we are working on or have written during the last few years, and for those having a Choir with Brass, ask about the Bobby Jones Choral Hymn Setting we are premiered Christmas Eve 2013: David Woodard, President