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New Band Warm-Up Beginning in Center of Young Band Range and working up Chromatically, while also developing Snare Roll Technique.

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Here is a Long Tone Warm-up which will assist development of 9 Stroke and metered snare rolls. Students will need a basic understanding of enharmonic equivalents and concept of chromatic ascending in sharps, descending in flats as they begin to work on this exercise.

This Warm-up range builder should really help students get back into shape after vacation, while developing range and snare roll technique. Snare Players back of hands should be flat, squeezing stick firmly between thumb and index fingers, while lightly wrapping rest of fingers around stick. Stick should not pull out from between index finger and thumb if stick is grabbed quickly and pulled firmly. See:

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Clarinet, Sax and Horn parts have been doubled at the Octave so Directors and players can choose which register to work on.

Phrasing and Breath Control will become a challenge.  The director can choose to encourage students to strive to play all the way through each phrase without breathing, offering the option of staggered breathing - whereby students fade in and out, taking breaths so as not to be noticed.

If future edits of these warm-ups, especially where phrases longer than 4 measures are required without breathing, options will be offered to breath at the top of a chromatic phrase in unison, while still stretching the breath capacities of young players